Yogasutras of Patanjali

The Yogasutras of Patanjali (196 in all) is actually the entire architecture of the human mind and, more importantly, how it works.  It is a step-by-step architectural flowchart of the human mind and understanding it, deepens your practice of Yoga. It helps you to travel through the various layers of your mind - gross to subtle - and to uncover your true nature that lies behind and in and through it so that it no longer is an obstacle to your evolution & progress. All-in-all, it is a joyous & beautiful journey with all its ups and downs.


You will begin to understand that Rishi Patanjali only dedicated one step to Asana or posture in his entire 8-fold system of Yoga(ashtanga yoga) prevalent in those times. Asana-s alone can never remove grief, sorrow, suffering or stress from the system. It takes a lot more than that through shifts of cognition and this is achieved through the systematic study of the yogasutra-s. Rest assured, it solves the fundamental human problem.

Although the yogasutras have been complicated and made into complex set of instructions through various commentaries and texts, my attempt is to demystify these complex sutras here making it simple for contemporary & global audiences to understand in English. I will also be using the power of technology to do this.

The 196 sutras of Patanjali are divided into following 4 chapters or Pada-s.

Understanding them through a study has helped me in my own life immensely. My own study is also based on practice & teaching of asana-s, techniques & various other practices of Yoga to numerous students over the past 20 years.

I dedicate my work to all my teachers & friends from the various Yoga Institutes I was exposed to, and most importantly my teachers & friends I  had and continue to have through my study of the Upanishad-s.

Children Meditating

Samadhi pada

Yoga Stretches

Sadhana pada

Child's Pose

Vibhuti pada

Laughing Yoga

Kaivalya pada