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The word “spice” comes from the Latin species, which means an item of special value, as compared to ordinary articles of trade. Many of the spices have rarity in that they contain  medicinal and spiritual values.

From ancient times, spices were used in India for their medicinal and spiritual properties. They were also burned as incense in homes for religious ceremonies, purifying the air and carrying the prayers of the people heavenward to their gods. 

If you want to be part of this exciting journey which was also called as the Maritime Silk Road, do  submit the form below with your details so that we can get in touch with you about our range and variety of spices.

Besides spices, if you are considering opening a tea business, please feel free to contact us to get more information about our wholesale offers of Spices, Herbs & Teas.

The wholesale offer is not open to individuals who want  to buy small quantities below our minimum order quantity(MOQ). 


Our minimum order quantity for wholesale is 5 kg. Larger quantities are available upon request. Please contact us to determine your specific needs. 


If we find you eligible, we will send you a price list of our special Panchatattva organic spices & teas.  


We provide samples free of cost and do not charge you for it. However,  since the number of requests are growing each day, and now, not just from India it is becoming a costly proposition. For  our tea samples you can order for 850 gram samples, consisting of 17 samples of 50 gms each at  Rs.1700/-  inclusive of postal/courier. Alternatively, you could ask for 10 samples of 50 gms each at  Rs.1000/- . You can make 20 cups of Delicious tea with each packet of our 50 gms sample. We do not sell samples. The money you pay towards procurement of our samples will be refunded  to you on your first order. The money we collect from you is only a deposit as proof that your intent to purchase is genuine.  For the samples of our spices & foods kindly send a mail to santosh[at]uxbakery.com or whatsapp on (+91)9879261479. You can also use the contact form on the website.


We offer worldwide shipping. We use FedEx, Blue Dart and a host of other couriers for international & domestic surface transport.  We deliver our exclusive teas to your doorstep within 5-7 days, in any part of the globe. 


All orders will be packed carefully. Our products are packed in sealed foil pouches of sizes varying from 1 kg to 5 kgs to preserve the flavours & aroma.


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