The Indian Chai has made its way to the West and can be found in many traditional coffee houses as well as Indian restaurants. In India we have it with milk & a blend of spices.  Chai is tasty, but can also be healthy if prepared the right way. The caffeine has to be neutralized and anti-oxidants enhanced preserving the texture & flavour of the herbs at the same time.

Know your Tea

While Green Tea is steamed,  Black Tea is fermented first and then dried. The Black Teas therefore have stronger flavours and more caffeine. The Green Teas are milder and contain anti-oxidant properties which slow aging and relieve stress. Anti-oxidants are constantly being studied for their healing and medicinal value on the human body. The Black Teas too have their own benefits but need to be neutralized with the blend of spice. And this is where Panchatattva brings its years of expertise in ancient traditional learning systems right into the brew . 

At Panchatattva we love to dissect spices, herbs & organic foods with the knowledge of Ayurveda therapy & healing so that we humans can fully realize its health benefits.

Ayurvedic Green Tea

Rajah Shahi

Ayurvedic Special Blends

CTCs - Famous Mumbai Chai

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