Health and Wellness depends on our choice of food. Spice@Work is the laboratory of Panchatattva, where we actually use and apply our own spices & herbs. We get all the combinations of our herbs & spices from ancient texts of Ayurveda & traditional food sources.


​अन्नमयं हि सोम्य मनः । 


Our state-of-mind depends upon the food we consume, how it is prepared and where it comes from. Our health depends entirely upon it.

As dietary habits evolve we find that more and more herbs & spices of Ayurveda medicine are finding its way as ingredients in foods & beverages. Ashwagandha, known to relieve stress and improve concentration, is being used in numerous food products today.  

Spice@Work endeavors to bring this ancient wisdom into the food & beverage industry. We produce foods which not only nourish your body but also act as medicine for it. 


 And what more!! Eating the food we prepare is just like eating mom's food!

You will  simply love it!

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