Treatments in ayurveda

Poultices in ayurveda

The Ayurvedic doctor establish energy imbalance in the body using the following methods:

ROGI PARIKSHA (3 methods):

Darshana: the doctor observes the patient and notes their age, body type, and general appearance.

Sparshana: the doctor palpates, auscultates, and examines the patient through touch.

Prashna: the doctor asks specific questions in order to find out about the patient’s symptoms.

DASAVIDHA PARIKSHA (10 indications):

Dooshyam: structural and physiological disorders;

Desham: climate peculiarities of the place where the patient lives;

Balam: physical strength;

Kalam: seasonal and climate changes;

Analam: state of the patient’s digestive system;

Prakriti: the dominant dosha;

Vayas: age of the patient;

Satvam: mental endurance;

Sathmyam: the patient’s way of life according to the habits and rules he or she follows;

Aharam: type and quality of food the patient consumes.

ASHTAVIDHA PARIKSHA (8 health-related factors):

Nadi: pulse diagnostics;

Moothram: urine test;

Malam: type of faeces;

Jihwa: tongue reading – shape, colour, coatings;

Sabdam: power of the voice and speech of the patient;

Sparsham: skin and tactile sensitivity;

Drik: eyes and sight;

Akrithi: body shape.

After the check up the doctor advises changes in lifestyle in connection to:

Water and fluids.


Physical activity

Various medicines of following types are prescribed

Arishta and Asava – fermented extracts with spirit ingredient and water extracts;

Bhasma – calcined powder of minerals or metals;

Churnam – different kinds of herbal powders;

Ghritham – clarified cow butter Ghee with herbs;

Kashayam – herbal decoction;

Kashayam tablets – herbal decoction in tablet form;

Leham – mixture of herbs and spices with basis of honey or unrefined sugar;

Tailam – herbal oils;

Gulika – herbal tablets.

The Ayurvedic doctor also recommends a prescription few Ayurvedic herbal products, and gives specific recommendations if necessary.

Ayurveda also offers a wide range of therapeutic effects that are applied under the doctor’s prescription. The most famous are the Purvakarma and Panchakarma systems.

1. PURVAKARMA: a set of preparatory therapies applied to move the toxins from the periphery to the central part of the body and thus accumulate them in the digestive system. There are 2 types of Purvakarma :

Snehana: oleation of the body;

Svedana: sweating treatment.

Snehana itself can be done in two varieties:

Bahya (external body oiling with healing herbal oils) or Abhyantar (internal oiling of the body through drinking, gargling, or applying herbal oil or Ghee in the nose or ears).

2. PANCHAKARMA: comprises five therapies to remove the accumulation of toxins from the body.

Vamana: induced vomiting that aims to balance the Kapha energy and take toxins out of the upper part of the body.

Virechana: induced laxative action that aims to balance the Pitta energy and take toxins out of the digestive system.

Vasti: healing enema aiming to balance the Vata energy and take out the accumulated toxins thus improving the function of the colon.

Nasya or Sirovirechana: applying herbal oil in the nose to clear out toxins from the head.

Raktamokshan: blood release methods.

Ayurveda continues to remain veiled in misunderstanding and prejudice especially from the Western world and Allopathy devotees. To modern people whose concepts are entirely based on classical medical theories and models, it is difficult to understand the mechanism of these ancient methods and traditional systems.

Ayurveda is a thousand-year-old scientific system for health prevention and treatment. It has been known to significantly slow down aging and ensure a better life with physical and mental longevity. mainly in the field of prevention or treatment of chronic disease.

It is wrong to associate Ayurveda with wellness or SPA.


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