The Seer identifies with the world

Drive safe - watch the road


vr̥tti sārūpyam-itaratra ॥4॥

When you get engrossed with the reflection in the mirror, you simply forget to watch the road!

In the previous sutra we saw how the Ekagra vritti leads to the Niruddha state of being absorbed in the self. If you don't attempt to do this then you get lost and absorbed into the world naturally - a world of your experience. These experiences can be real or artificial. You have absolutely no choice over these experiences. You are at the mercy of Time & Space and the mind continues to stay largely with vrittis which are Vikshipta & Kshipta. This is a marketer's delight! Reason being, you end up consuming a lot more than you really need. Economists too love this type of a mind as it keeps fueling the economy.

Putting it simply, if you don't see the clay or mud, you take it to be a pot. You get carried away by the different shapes, sizes and colours. Each more vivid than the other and you then want to experience each one. You limit yourself through your own understanding of this experience as the experience of an object and you create various divisions within your own mind. Conflict is born. This comes with its own package of stress & tribulation, disease and finally death. It is this cycle that earlier philosophers and seers called - Samsara. Here Patanjali looks at it very realistically and says that if you don't calm and quieten your mind trying to become focused on yourself, you will end up with a scattered mind that goes from one experience to another, constantly identifying with agitations, confusions, complexities and a host of other disturbances. The Vrittis(the rising thoughts within awareness) Sarupyam (identify or take on the identity) itaratra(of something different than the Self).

Simply put - you are lost!

What exactly are the different types of these vrittis, we shall see from the next sutra onwards.


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