The Drushta(Seer) & Drishya(seen) are different from each other

Updated: Jul 28, 2019

The one who is seeing is different from that which he is seeing

तदा द्रष्टुः स्वरूपेऽवस्थानम् ॥३॥ tadā draṣṭuḥ svarūpe-'vasthānam ॥3॥

So here comes your ROI. The benefit you get of practicing the Yoga way of thinking. All the vrittis over a period of time stop troubling or distracting you. Your mind starts to appear in a clamer state and all those things which would earlier cause upheavals or storms within you begin to look insignificant. At this time the mind gets completely absorbed in the real nature - who you are in reality - and you begin to see things clearly. The muddy waters are cleared and you see the depth of the ocean that you are. Vast, accommodating, complete and not wanting more than what you need.

The Vrittis are the ones which create havoc in the chitta(Kshipta, Mudha & Vikshipta) and hence we are told in the earlier sutra that the vritti must be monitored until the mind becomes Ekagra(one-pointed) & Nirrudha or absorbed in the study of oneself.

Let us understand Vritti further now:

Watch yourself when you are traveling in public transport(metro, rail or bus). You see a person in front of you and what does your mind say? Simply watch. It will try to size up the people in front of you. You will try to figure out where the person comes from what is the person's background and many other parameters by simply looking at his or her clothes, the type of watch the person is wearing, the way the person speaks. This happens even when one is introduced to another for the first time. Your mind wants to do just one thing: KNOW. It cannot stand the UNKNOWN, and the tools or instruments it has at its disposal to know is the Vritti. You see a man dressed shabbily with nothing in his hand someplace and you think he is a beggar. Maybe not! He could just be dressed shabbily because he has a poor taste in clothes. You see someone with a diamond ring getting out of a Mercedes, you presume he is wealthy and successful. Maybe not! He could have borrowed a friend's car.

So you see, how the vritti can bring in true information or erroneous perceptions? We will see more of this in the following sutras.

In the current sutra however, Patanjali gives you the deliverable of studying Yoga or even practicing the asanas. Complex situations start to look simple. With systematic exploration and examination of the vrittis, even as they occur in your mind, you set aside with non-attachment your aversions, attractions, anxieties, insecurities and fears. There is tremendous clarity and you start to actually find solutions to problems not just situational but also emotional.

One begins to understand that all that one observes, perceives, feels, senses or sees is nothing but an entity different from oneself, constantly changing, transforming, modifying itself into something else. The changeless one is just the observer or the witness to all this. Once the student realizes this much, it is sufficient for him or her to want the changeless, the immortal or the permanent one rather than chasing the myriad forms which are mere images or shadows being cast upon a changeless screen.

What happens if we do not achieve the Ekagra or Niruddha mind, we shall see in the following sutra


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