Spices that changed destinies

Two thousand years ago, these spices would have been extraordinarily valuable and fetched anybody a fortune. A war would have been fought over it actually. Spices were actually luxury goods in a sense and couldn't be produced in Europe. Wars were fought and countries were colonized because of it.  It could have been converted into almost anything – including real estate, gold, silver, merchandise, or even Roman slaves.  People would have killed you to take possession of these spices.

Today, of course, we take them for granted because they wouldn't cost as much. But does this mean that they have lost the value of their healing properties?

Spices contain anti-oxidant properties, help in metabolism, add to the culinary tastes and also serve as preservatives. If one knows how to blend these spices mixes - the Indians were renowned for it - one can bring about tremendous healing potential and power into the mixtures. In fact it is such mixtures or blends of spices that are called as masalas in India. Spices such as cinnamon, turmeric, black pepper, cloves, garlic powder, and paprika increase antioxidant activity in the blood and decrease insulin response. Adding these types of spices to meals high in fat decreases triglyceride response by about 30 percent.

So the next time when you are in a store and are looking at these spices, don’t just look at glass bottles or packets holding these tiny little gems. Know them to be the entire course of human history which was radically altered because of these tiny herbs, plants, and seeds.  

Fortunes were built and lost. Countries colonized. Wars fought and destinies changed.


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