Types, Styles & Stages of Meditations

There is so much of confusion around the word Meditation. The simplest of things of life has been made most complex and complicated. It is now an industry. This was bound to happen with teachers having no strong foundation in the traditional systems of learning but wanting to make a quick buck! 

Meditation is popularly used for the Sanskrit word - dhyana which is actually only the 6th step in 8-fold system taught by Rishi Patanjali, when it is actually an outcome of 3 different steps beginning with dharana, dhyana & samadhi

One cannot actually "DO" a meditation. One can only "become" meditative. This is true dhyana which then leads to Samadhi.

One cannot meditate without understanding and going through all the other steps. We are not talking of any exceptions here.  So, if you are struggling to meditate and have a 'troublesome' mind or the mind is riddled with any psychological imbalance, a qualified teacher alone can guide you out of such obstacles.

The confusion about Meditation is because of one not knowing the difference between:

1. Types/Styles of Meditations (takes you through breadth)

2. Stages of Meditations (takes you through the depths)

While there can be more than 100 types & styles of meditations(with new ones being invented and conjured up each day), every meditation necessarily goes through a core of 4 stages - attention, concentration, meditation & Samadhi. The goal of every meditation is to discover what is 'Oneness' or 'Consciousness'. It must necessarily lead one to study of consciousness and one's own nature.


Relaxation, stress relief, memory improvement, improvement in power to concentrate & health benefits are mere ancillaries or offshoots to the main goal of understanding oneself.

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