Panchatattva Foods has openings for:
1. Sales Executives (experienced & freshers) - Roles mentioned below (6)
2. Content Writers (experience 2 years) -  Must be proficient with all content tools (2)
3. Graphic Designers (experienced 4 yrs+) - Fulltime (1) & Freelancers (10)
4. Programmer (experience 2 years+)- Html, Php, Javascript & Python (1)
Role of Sales Executive:
• Driving & monitoring the entire trade for assigned zone/area.
• New account acquisition & Mapping competition
• Exploring different Sales channels for growth
• Evaluating growth at Category level & developing metrics to gauge the performance
across geographies/SKUs
• Improvement of Sale Executive effectiveness
• On-boarding of kirana & nurturing
• Managing Trade spends.
• Reporting Weekly/Monthly Sales, Collections to Manager
• Should report Daily Sales communication to Sales Lead on below (beginning & end of the day) Plan vs achieved
o Day Beat Plan
o No of Retailer visits target
o Order Targets
• Should ensure Daily Cash Deposit to Accounts Department
• Should ensure the care & custodian of Assets & products
• Interact with senior management on new initiatives
Job Application

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