About Healthy Living

The Healthy Living Program is an introduction to a simple way-of-lfe. Its workshops and training sessions are strategically designed to bring deep transformations in lifestyle so that you can lead a healthy life with better understanding to serve your community or organisation better.

The Healthy Living Personal Program

This is a personal program with individual attention and care with high impact. It comprises a holistic approach to being, leading a healthy life through body and mind. 

Through these sessions Santosh guides his learners into the intracies of sound & cognition. Using technologies from the Bhagavadgita & Yogasutras he shows the learners how they can utilise these principles to develop healthy habits of mind and body. 

There are short & long workshops for this. I can help you figure it out. All you do is : 

The Healthy Living Art-Yoga Workshop

This is a unique workshop which will combine art with yoga. Yoga Instructors will combine their training and teaching techniques with Artists, while Santosh presents the vision of meditation and oneness that can be achieved using both Yoga & Painting. 

Children & Adults will be given all the materials - canvas and paints with the brushes - to express themselves so that no facet is hidden. Experience and engagement through various techniques in this workshop enthral audiences and produce paradigm shifts of mind to understand what stillness truely is.