Our Yoga Classes

Although the goal of Yoga is just one there seems to be a lot of new styles and techniques created by the Yoga community. At YODA we respect all the styles and encourage each of them and their lineage so long as they maintain the eternal principles of Yoga. 

A life of Yoga also involves chanting of mantra-s, singing kirtans, meditation techniques, relaxation techniques, breathing techniques & meditation-s besides the study of various texts.



We have mistaken ourselves to be just our body but we are more than that and that is exactly what Vedanta talks to us about. In a class of Vedanta one understands the nature of awareness and ourself and it has little to do with any body posture or breathing technique. In fact, Vedanta tells us what Yoga is really all about.

Yoga asanas are quite different. 


Ashtanga Yoga of Patanjali

Asana, Pranayama & Samadhi are originally mentioned in the 8-fold path of Patanjali's Yoga. A study of Yoga asana or any Yoga technique  is incomplete with an understanding of the Patanjali Yogasutras. Classical & traditional Yoga in India was always based upon the study of the Yogasutra.



The word 'Meditation'  is an English word which has been commonly used to translate different Sanskrit words such as dharana, dhyana, samadhi & niddhidhyasana. Each of the words in Sanskrit have a totally different meaning and the approach & learner of these techniques is different too.  If not properly understood it could lead to psychological aberrations & even physical disease since meditation is to do with YOUR mind. 


Sanskrit & Chanting 

Sound or 'Shabda' & frequencies are very fundamental to a life of well-being. One can change the very structure of the body & mind using different frequencies of sound. Sound & language and the way you pronounce it has deep implications upon your mental & physical being. 


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