At Panchatattva Foods we are committed to making the world more organic & sustainable. The company manufactures & markets only those foods which are organic and environment friendly.

Research forms the foundation of our company. We have researched into over 100 plants, herbs & spices over the past 17 years, and we are certain that our products will benefit mankind. We are driven by the knowledge of consciousness & of nature and its capacity and potential to provide solutions to improve life. 

We effectively use both. Our mission is to stop humans making holes in the ozone layer and in themselves!

Known for our unique spices(whole & ground) and pre-mixed blends of herbs and spices, we cater to a vast community of organic food lovers across India & the globe. We have a special affinity to Yoga aspirants who, we believe, do a splendid job in creating larger awareness about nature & eco-systems. Our research team comprises a large network of such teachers who help us develop more eco-friendly & sustainable products. 

Located in Mumbai, the financial capital of India, Panchattva Foods continues its research in various plants & spices through a vast network of farms located across India.

We also organize alternative-healing tours which include a stay on organic farms for short duration amidst plants, trees and a bio-sphere which is replete with medicinal & curative properties. 

We associate with various properties which support organic lifestyles around India & the globe and deal with the best qualified professionals to carry out our mission of Employment Generation, Values & Ethical transactions & Awareful living.

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