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Santosh  Vallury has been a Yoga practitioner for over 20 years. He travelled across the length & breadth of India, studying in various ashrams, gurukuls & monastaries in India. He delved deeper into study of Yogasutra-s, the Upanishads, the Bhagavadgita, Ashtanga Yoga & Sanskrit. He taught in Brazil, India & Australia. 

YODA is the fruit of like minded people across the globe who left high paying professions to dedicate themselves to a life of Yoga because they see greater value in it. The team comprises of a wide network of Yoga practitioners, teachers, psychologists, renunciate monks, healers & therapists who work passionately with a prime focus to disseminate their knowledge & train future professionals to maintain a healthy body and mind using non-invasive techniques. Whether it is the alchemy of Ormus, the Sattva nature from the shastra or increasing the alkalinity of the system, Yoda brings the power of it all through various processes as discussed in the most ancient scripture in the world - the Veda.

Yoda Founders

Santosh Vallury

CEO & Chief Promoter. Over 10 years experience in advertising & journalism and spent the last 20 years researching into the field of Yoga , Sanskrit & Advaita Vedanta.

Santosh loves to create stuff,  to cook & to develop superfoods from traditional ingredients & crops. 


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