Transforming Lives through teaching

Online & Offline Coaching with Santosh Vallury and some of the best & dedicated teachers on the circuit.


I put anyone who approaches me through a "simple funnel" - The DAKM Funnel. Once you opt in, the entire process is automated & guided by knowledge from the Veda.

The teachers on this platform are mere conduits or channels to control the process & flow so that it becomes most effective and you spend the least time looking for where to begin or go next. You also get contact with "live" teachers and teachings through various webinars, voip & chats. If necessary, personal contact too. 

I like to call this Arsha Technology (AT). The Rishis knew it long before we even knew about pipelines, funnels and workflows. It had been embedded in the Indic tradition already.


So naturally, I use interventions from both - the Karma Kanda(when necessary) & the Upanishad - to deliver clear & concise teachings to meet your requirement. 


While most of my services will always be free in keeping with the tradition, I encourage paid subscriptions from those who see value in the teachings & workshops and wish to support this endeavour where technology and tradition converge on a single platform.


Members who subscribe to our packages get privileged access to extra features & videos of live events through this site & my app, besides the additional support through direct contact & site visits to see "live teachings" and "teachers", whenever necessary.


To help others transform their own lives through the teachings of the Upanishads, Bhagavadgita & other methodologies using time-tested formulae will always be the prime focus of this site and the app. 

Meet Santosh

Yoga teacher, entrepreneur & Life Coach

I am a student of Yoga and I impart my understanding about it through my workshops & training sessions which I conduct in person and online too. I constantly experiment with various channels and modes of communication in order to present this understanding in best possible ways. 

Having taught in Brazil & Australia, I now bring my understanding of the Veda, Upanishads, the Bhagavadgita and Yoga sutras in dynamic workshops and classes for all age groups starting from 7+. 

I work with a talented and highly experienced team of artists, trainers, educators, yoga teachers & nutritionists to create various content for my workshops and courses. 

What I offer

Establish Your Eating Habits & Help you to understand Your Gut!

Bring you closer to Adopt an Eco-friendly & Healthy Lifestyle

Hand you few Meditations to sync Heart & Head

Expose You to a Means of Knowledge to bring Right Understanding using Indic wisdom

The Journey Towards Health Begins on the Path of Self Love. Begin Your Journey Today.

“I was introduced to Yoga & Vedanta by Santosh Vallury, my first teacher of Yoga, to whom I am very grateful for his affection, dedication and knowledge.”

- Jonas Masetti

Founder, Instituto Vishva Vidya, Brazil

“You have touched a lot of people's lives and including mine. The sessions of Yoga and classes of Vedanta really helped me to shift my vision.”

- Vinod Nair

Managing Director, Network Advertising

I would like to thank you for your immense participation in my life in the form of someone who helped to bring vedānta into my daily life.
I recognize how important you were in my life so that I could understand how important Tattvabodha was, only to eventually understand that "I don't have to be important". I just need to "be".
This was undoubtedly the most impactful discovery of my life.
And you helped me a lot by bringing that understanding into my existence. I am grateful to you for sharing vedānta with so much affection, respect and responsibility.

- Rozane Oliveira

Yoga Teacher, Brazil


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