We are yet to appoint any  dealer, distributor or sales agents. Beware of fake representatives.

We deal in spices, herbs & superfoods. Organically grown, energising & rich in curcumin, our spices, herbs & superfoods come to you from the heartlands of India directly from the various natural & organic farms. 

We ensure that each pack of our spices, herbs & powders are organic and sourced from farms which only use fair practices, Non-GMO and sustainable methods in farming. 

We have products to :

  • Detoxify the liver

  • Balance cholesterol

  • Fight allergies

  • Stimulate digestion

  • Boost immunity

  • Improve skin tone

We supply in bulk the best:


India is home to spices and is known as the "Spice bowl of the world ".


Our retail brand - Panchatattva Blends

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