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India's first Yoga-on-Demand service  for the Yoga community by the Yoga community. 


yoga on demand anytime

Do you want to teach online?

If you do we provide you with the best AI platform for all your Yoga & philosophy teaching needs.

We do understand all the hassles & headaches to manage an online Yoga community.

We are here to provide solutions to the Yoga community online.

Let us do the heavy lifting of your video production, content aggregation & social media presence while you focus on transforming lives!

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Health with Yoda

Our in-depth research into the effects of Pranayama, Asana & various techniques from  Patanjali's ashtanga Yoga alongwith a combination of Yagna Technology has shown to benefit body and mind irrespective of your nationality. 

You can get all you need for a healthy body & mind on the YODA platform


Why is Yoda Good For You?

Classes start whenever you decide

Watch yoga videos whenever you want. Don't ever miss your workout or routines.

Try new classes and styles

Don't let various styles confuse you now. You can ask us for a free class & also learn about the differences & similarities between Yoga styles & approaches.

Choose your favorite yoga teachers

Every student seems to resonate with a certain type of teacher. You can pick your own unique style which matches your temperament.

Pay Per Class

Don't pay for classes you are not able to attend. Pay as you go with our model.

(to be launched soon...)

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